The effect of enabling management & leadership

Authentic and genuine leadership starts with how you know, accept, and lead yourself. Your curiosity, care and consciousness. Your mindset and behaviors will either help or hinder your peers and colleagues to thrive and perform whether you lead yourself, your team or your surroundings.  

Enabling management and leadership places the customer at the core of all decision-making processes, strategies, and organizational cultures. It's about understanding and responding to the needs and desires of the customers to drive business success. Leaders who adopt this approach are not only focused on delivering excellent customer service but also on building a culture that values optimizing pre-conditions for the internal organization systematically. In other words: How you as a leader show curiosity, care and consciousness , enabling growth.

In essence, enabling management and leadership creates an organizational ecosystem that is wholly focused on delivering value to the customer actively removing obstacles addressed externally and internally as leading through a crisis team.

During the Covid pandemic, many businesses were able to quickly adapt and improve their operations to empower the people, maintain performance, reduce friction, and innovate in their core areas. However, after the pandemic, some businesses returned to their old ways of thinking and became less agile and adaptable, often without even realizing it.

People in companies with a heartfelt growth mindset know that “the customer experience will never exceed the co-worker experience” and they commit to enable performance leading on this principle.

Curious on how?

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