The efficiency of mature management teams

An effective management team can produce something of high quality for its stakeholders while at the same time taking joint responsibility for a healthy and stimulating working environment. They can absorb new learning and stay robust in environments facing change or challenges.

A mature management team is characterized by mutual respect and a clear understanding of its purpose, direction, and goals. An effective team has established standards and skills to handle open and honest communication. A team like this has a shared understanding of members' roles, utilizes diversity, and leads interdependently shoving a strong commitment to collaborative problem-solving. Being part of a management team should feel good. 

As a mature team, you share common ground on the drivers described above. You are adaptive, innovative, and capable of not only reaching your objectives but also optimizing pre-conditions, enabling your members and the wider organization to grow. Through this coordinated and customer-oriented togetherness, your company can sustain its performance over time. A sincere growth mindset and bold forward-thinking create results quickly. It's fun too.


I am certified in GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire): A research-based survey built on Susan Wheelan’s model known as the Integrated Model of Group Development (IMGD). 

The GDQ survey is used to identify the developmental stage of a team, as well as their strengths and areas for improvement. The results are used to analyze group processes to design customized interventions. The report sets out the team’s development compared with norm data.

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