Hi, I'm Ragnhildr
I am here to help you develop your business & people

I am a present, customer-oriented enabler with close to 30 years of experience from international brands working systematically with leadership, management, and organizational development: retail and service.

Growth is to lead consistently with the expectations of your customers every second of the day.

The customer experience will never exceed the co-worker experience. Enable your people. 

I am based in Ringerike, close to Oslo and I provide solutions and facilitation services in Europe and Norway.

Areas of expertise

Being a member of a management team should feel good

A team is a social unit that develop through predictable phases facing a predictable series of obstacles and needs towards efficiency.

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A living culture

Commitment to values and culture is the heart, engine, and compass of your company, aiding in both short- and long-term growth.

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Enabling management & leadership training

Leadership requires genuine, transparent, and ethical behaviour, where leaders are true to their values and build trust through honesty and integrity.

A leader share vision to set direction, dedication to make things happen, and sensitivity to people. Leadership is a privilege. 

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Talent Management

Talent Management is the process of attracting, developing, and retaining people with the required skills and attitudes to meet current and future organizational needs. Believe in people.

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Sometimes, I team up with independent partners

We can co-create solutions for you, or I may recommend the most suitable supplier to your need. Below, you will find value anchored experienced and practical enablers with proven solutions. They all have a down to earth glimt in the eye.

Meet them here

GDQ associates AB

GDQ Associates AB is an organization that provides high quality services in the ares of grioup and organizational development, training and professional certification.

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As independent consultants, we firmly believe that collaboration, sharing of knowledge and testing of ideas can provide quicker insights and better quality solutions. That's why we have formed SOMETIMES - a partnership between three experienced advisors with diverse yet complementary expertise.

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Psychologists and sisters Bente-Marie and Heidi Ihlen have been working with team building and communication for several years. Ihlen communication methods and tools help you and your team to recognize both what happens in your head and in your stomach in a dialogue.

Ihlen trains you in how you can understand your communication with others and how you can manage to do something new when the pressure rises. Daring different (daring to try out new behavior) is enabled by psychological safety. How do the mechanisms in communication work, and how may you actively choose to build psychological safety and clarity at the same time?

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