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I have gained HR and leadership experience in the Norwegian army and with international brands for over 30 years, taking on various roles in national and international management teams. I have also had the pleasure of engaging in both private and public businesses.

You will perceive me as down to earth, able to simplify complex issues,  fact-based, value-anchored, and professional. 

I laugh easily. People feel safe around me.

Delivering facilitation and project support is natural to me whether I work with co-workers in small businesses or top management in international brands. 

I work with local businesses or international businesses – speaking Norwegian or English. 

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Mette Sandahl

Organizational development leader, Inter Ikea Systems

"I have experienced Ragnhildr facilitating team development sessions and other group interventions on several occasions. 

Ragnhildr is excellent in, what is one of the most challenging aspects of any intervention, to be fully present, with heart, mind, and ears, and to sense the room and the “system”. 

She is courageous and can pick on what she is sensing and bring it out to the participants as an invitation to open up and learn about themselves. 

With her knowledge and experience, she can pull just the right tool, the question, or just silence to challenge and support the team.

Ragnhildr has a broad business experience that gives her both the credibility and, the ability to “connect the dots” to the complex business reality we are living in.

She is both hands-on and practical and knows the theory behind it.  A fine balance to strike.

Ragnhildr is truly passionate about working with people development and that makes her inspiring and authentic when working with teams. 

She is warm-hearted and has a great sense of humor alongside her curiosity and persistence to help teams increase their performance.

It is truly delightful to work with Ragnhildr Weberg."

Lena Bergström

Leadership Manager, Inter IKEA Systems BV

"Ragnhildr has a unique way of working with team development. 

With a lot of compassion, clarity, and impactful tools she observes and interacts in our dialogue so we can see our patterns and try out new ways to communicate and behave. 

That made a big difference for us. We became better together thanks to Ragnhildr."

Shasha Gao

Management Assistant Ingka Investments

"Ragnhildr has spent 2 sessions together with our MT on our team development journey. From day 1 we could experience her deep knowledge in the theory of team development of Susan Wheelan and her pragmatical approach to move from theory to reality with our team.

She is sharp in her observations and feedback, knows what is takes to have the difficult and uncomfortable discussions and to create a safe environment where everyone contributes. We look forward to continuing working with her in our team development journey.

Selected experiences Here

Feel free to contact me, I will provide you with references.

  • Communication training
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion projects
  • Variety of values and culture projects 
  • Variety of basic management and leadership program
  • Variety of change management projects
  • Variety of senior management and leadership program
  • Assessment center build ups
  • Succession programs
  • International performance management project
  • Team development processes from small top management teams to broad matrix functions (teams at different levels in parallels) 
  • Variety of Workshops and trainings: Conflict handling, sales training, coaching and HMS related training
  • Varies of leadership and management experiences: Norwegian military: Kystartilleriet

Feel free to contact me, I will provide you with more references.

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